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Dressing for Snowy Weather

If you’re looking forward to getting out and about and making the most out of your winter, continue reading to discover a few tips and tricks on how to dress for snowy weather. After all, who wants to spend their days cooped up indoors when you can have snow ball fights, ski, build a snowman or go sledding.

How to dress for cold, snowy weather:


If you anticipate spending lots of time in the snow, it’s worth investing in a pair of high quality boots. If in doubt, you can never go wrong opting from a pair of water resistant snow boats or duck boots from an adventure focused company such as LL Bean or Sorrel. Make sure to choose a pair of boots which boast a slip resistant sole and that are lined, to ensure that your feet remain toasty and warm in sub zero temperatures. Alternatively, if you own hiking boots, you may find that they work well in snowy weather.


On a cold snowy day, an easy way to ensure that you feet are well protected is to pair thick camp style socks with your boots. If you don’t own any long, camp style socks, you can also try layering two pairs of socks, in order to keep your feet warm.

Thermal layers:

Thermals are ideal for snowy days and can be layered underneath a cozy, thick sweater and a pair of comfortable jeans. Most camping stores and sports stores offer affordable thermals. If you’re female, another trick is to layer a pair of leggings underneath a pair of boyfriend style jeans.

Warm pants:

Jeans are a great option for both men and women. If you’re female you may even want to consider wearing a stylish pair of leather style jeans.

Gloves or mittens:

If you want to avoid getting cold hands, be sure to wear a pair of gloves or mittens. Better yet, in this day and age you won’t have any trouble finding gloves which are designed, so that you’ll still be able to work your smart phone or tablet. As we all know how frustrating it can be having to take your gloves off and on in order to reply to a friend’s text.


Whilst it may seem strange to carry around a pair of sunglasses during a snowy day, you may find that they’ll come in handy as if it’s sunny the sun may cause you to strain your eyes as when the sun reflects off the snow, you’ll find that the sun produces a harsh glare. After all, there’s a reason why skiers and snowboarders wear goggles!

Knitted beanie:

Last but not least, you should never leave your house on a snowy day without popping a warm knitted beanie onto your head. If you’re looking for a beanie which is water resistant, you may want to opt for a beanie knitted out of merino wool.

So what are you waiting for? If you love snowy weather, you can spend as much time as you like outdoors as long as you remember to bundle up warmly!

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Is every snowflake truly unique?

The natural environment is an incredible system, no matter how it is perceived. Amongst its many amazing shapes and forms, snowflakes are one of the most enchanting ones. Snow cover, even the thickest one, is comprised of millions upon millions of these individual flakes. From childhood, everyone is taught that each and every snowflake is one of a kind. But, somehow, for many individuals, this idea is hard to grasp. These people often wonder a very obvious thing: Is every snowflake truly unique? How do we know?

There is no doubt that each snowflake is a marvelous construction, created from spires that radiate from its center. They might be tiny in size, but they are still intricate and complex to a point that they almost look man-made. Visually, they all somewhat look alike, but when each is examined, the issue whether each snowflake is truly unique becomes a matter of semantics. That is why meteorologists move this question to the domain of how anyone defines a snowflake. As an individual, vapor-grown crystal of ice, there is a lot of scientific containing that all crystals are unique on a purely molecular level because of the different atomic structure of all individual water molecules. Because distinct water molecules go into the structure of any snowflake, the basic logic dictates that no two crystals could be exactly the same. But, when the issue is converted to the domain of visual recognition, the problem becomes more complex.

Even though individually different molecules of water are involved, some structures and shapes of snowflakes seem very similar. Here, both shape and structure are defined by the conditions in the cloud in which they are formed. Snowflakes begin as individually frozen crystals of water and begin to pile together on a basic hexagonal plate. But, as they start to descend to the ground, their structure and shape begin to grow and change. With less vapor concentration, the snowflakes will be less intricate. On the other hand, the famous shapes that look like lace come into existence in the higher concentrations of vapor and at higher altitudes. This ends up as a lot of variations, but also some recurring patterns in the snowflake design. That is why some snowflakes share their overall design outline and the way how the ice crystals are slowly built around the base of the flake. But, the issue of observation still remains a problem. Because of this, the meteorologists cannot say that every snowflake is the same because they cannot seem them all. But, as the snowflake grows, it becomes more distinct and intricate. As a small structure, there is a lot more chance to find another one that looks very similar, if not identical to it.

Because of this, there is no guarantee that there is not a pair of identical snowflakes in the world, which is why people will continue to wonder is every snowflake truly unique? How do we know? But, speaking from a purely scientific standpoint, no two snowflakes, even those that seem identical from a visual standpoint, are the same. Instead, it can be said that just like any other object in existence, each snowflake really is unique.

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Making 3D Snowflakes

It always very interesting making 3D paper snowflakes since they are miracles of beauty. If you hang these three-dimensional paper snowflakes they will look amazing and beautiful. They are not only fun for adults and kids but are also easy to make. Although some people prefer having them during Christmas, you may use them anytime.

Collect the materials -Collect 6 pieces of paper, preferably white, a scissor, a stapler and a clear tape. Fold each paper into half then diagonally. However, if the piece of paper does not fold well into a triangle, trim out the rectangular edge to make it align well and come up with a square that is folded to make a triangle. While marking the bottom, fold it into half, cut the bottom and then keep it.

Cut three slits on the triangle- Put the scissors at the bottom of the piece while ensuring that it is parallel to the edges moving up to the top then cut it all the way up. Ensure that the distance between the folds is the same and then unfold the triangle by turning to make sure that one of the points is facing you. While keeping your diamond paper’s side up, roll the first two paper lines to make a tube then tape the pieces together.

Turn the diamond to the other side- Turn the diamond while taking the other two papers and pulling them to the opposite side and then tape them together as you did before. This should be more rounded and wider as compared to the first one. Turn and join the paper on the opposite side until all of them have joined together. Repeat the same process with the remaining pieces of paper so that they can come out well.

Join the remaining pieces- Using one hand, join the completed pieces of paper and staple them together. Ensure that you also join the other two pieces of paper in the same manner. This will give you pieces made up of three strands each. However, if you need smaller snowflakes, you may use a white glue or a tape instead of a stapler. Now, join the new pieces of paper at the middle so that each of their arms meets. This will ensure that the new 3D paper snowflakes are made into shape. You can then hang them on the walls or windows or use them the way you like as long as they are admirable.

Remember, making 3D paper snowflakes is not as hard as you might think. You can use as many pieces of paper as you like as long as they fit well. However, always ensure that you choose even numbers such as 6,8,10. Besides, to create an attractive look, you can mix and match different colors but stick to the same type to avoid lopsided snowflakes. Although the paper has to be a square, it is easy to turn a rectangular piece of paper into a square. Above all, to preserve the 3D snowflake use a finish that has UV protection.

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Where to find the best snowflake decorations

If you’re looking for beautiful snowflake decorations to decorate your home with or are looking for snowflake decorations for a winter or Frozen themed party, continue reading to discover where to find the best snowflake decorations:

Where to find the best snowflake decorations:


Etsy, which is an online market place where you can purchase goods from talented artisans around the world, is a one stop shop for snowflake decorations. Examples of snowflake themed decorations which you can purchase from Etsy include wall decals, snowflake ornaments and baubles, snowflake garlands and crocheted snowflake table runners. You can even purchase ornate crystal snowflakes, which are designed to glisten in the sun.

2. Walmart

If you live within close proximity of a Walmart store, it’s well worth a visit as Walmart boasts a variety of snowflake themed decorations. Examples of which include snow flake banners, die cast snowflake cut outs, snowflake lanterns and snowflake stringers. The latter of which are designed to be hung from your ceiling. Best of all, Walmart’s snowflake decorations are reasonably priced.


Partycity stocks high quality snowflake decorations, that are designed to turn your home or desired space in a stunning winter wonderland. Examples of some of the snowflake decorations on offer include snowflake LED lights, glittery snowflake confetti, snowflake door curtains and snowflake stencils. The latter of which you can use to craft your own snowflake decorations.

One of the unique snowflake items which you may be tempted to purchase is Partycity’s snowflake ornament placement cards, which are designed to let your guests know where they’re sitting for dinner.


If you’re not in any rush to receive your snowflake decorations and are looking for inexpensive snowflake decorations, you may want to consider searching EBay for snowflake decorations. Examples of items which you may be interested in purchasing include snowflake ornaments, variations of which include glass snowflake ornaments, wooden snowflake ornaments and hanging snowflake ornaments. One unique item for sale on Ebay is a frozen snowflake decal, which is designed to make it look like its snowing outside your windows.


If you’re a fan of Amazon, you’ll be pleased to read that Amazon also offers a wide array of high quality snowflake decorations. Some examples of which which include snowflake string garlands, iridescent snowflake confetti, snowflake window stickers and snowflake table cloths. So if you’re pressed for time or don’t feel like driving around to a variety of shops, you may want to consider purchasing all of your snowflake decorations online.

6. Your local craft store

If you prefer to visit brick and mortar stores, you may want to consider visiting your local craft store as most craft stores stock a wide array of decorations. If you don’t find any decorations which suit your needs, you’ll be able to find craft supplies such as cardboard and glitter, which you can use to craft your own decorations.

So what are you waiting for? If you’re looking for the best snowflake decorations, start searching the stores listed above and you’ll be sure to find exactly what you’re looking for!

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Great Techniques for Making Paper Snowflakes

Folding and cutting out snowflakes can be fun. It is one of the most creative holiday activity that can be enjoyed by everyone. Mostly, many people cut up their folded papers quite randomly, resulting in random snowflake designs especially when they are new to the activity. Many have come up with ideas of what they think can be done to improve this fun activity. The following techniques, however, will guide anyone who may love to create their snowflakes into distinct and unique designs

Starting a snowflake craft project, one will need to cut out paper snowflakes, which will result in coming up with snowflake designs. Snowflakes are usually hexagonal, so one will need to fold a piece of paper to form a hexagonal and symmetric extension. To achieve this, you can start folding a piece of paper from the top right corner and make sure that the top right side is aligning correctly. The next step one should consider is to cut off the piece of paper, preferably at the bottom of the unfolded area and bring the two points of the folded side together and mark the center along that particular fold.

Measuring exactly three and an eighth of an inch along the unfolded corner and the unfolded side and making a mark should be the next step. Next, one should draw two lines from the center mark on the fold to each and every mark on the unfolded side and fold along each line. The process is not always comfortable for starters, but designing a paper snowflake gets comfortable after seeing one person create one and the rest will for sure become easier, especially when you avoid all the measuring that is involved.

Given you already have the piece of paper folded, you should cut away some pieces along the outside using a sharp scissor. However, when you want to get more detail, using a craft knife to cut out anywhere in the center of the folded paper should come in handy. Drawing out a particular pattern before you can start cutting is always advised and when you are finished cutting, unfold the paper design carefully and flatten it. Great projects can be born from this single snowflake design and pattern if done right.

Another fantastic tip one must consider is using a stencil. Making a stencil involves placing the entire cutout on a full sheet of paper of your choice. If you want a permanent stencil that you may prefer to use on multiple occasions, you should use a stencil film. The last step of the process should be tracing around all the edges and cutting out using a craft knife since a scissor may not be convenient for this kind of task.

Making extra copies of your snowflake designs and preserving your original designs for more projects is not only allowed, but also encouraged. One should consider to re-size their snowflake designs to fit any other project you may have in mind in the future by either reducing or increasing the snowflake design sizes using a copy machine.

You should also not make all your cuts when the paper is completely folded. Have some extra fun by partially unfolding your snowflakes and making a few further reductions. Also, one can use some of the symmetrical properties of any of their fold to create a bit more recognizable shapes such as hearts, letters, numbers and even faces, which of course must be symmetrical to make the designs catchy to the eye.

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