Great Techniques for Making Paper Snowflakes

Folding and cutting out snowflakes can be fun. It is one of the most creative holiday activity that can be enjoyed by everyone. Mostly, many people cut up their folded papers quite randomly, resulting in random snowflake designs especially when they are new to the activity. Many have come up with ideas of what they think can be done to improve this fun activity. The following techniques, however, will guide anyone who may love to create their snowflakes into distinct and unique designs

Starting a snowflake craft project, one will need to cut out paper snowflakes, which will result in coming up with snowflake designs. Snowflakes are usually hexagonal, so one will need to fold a piece of paper to form a hexagonal and symmetric extension. To achieve this, you can start folding a piece of paper from the top right corner and make sure that the top right side is aligning correctly. The next step one should consider is to cut off the piece of paper, preferably at the bottom of the unfolded area and bring the two points of the folded side together and mark the center along that particular fold.

Measuring exactly three and an eighth of an inch along the unfolded corner and the unfolded side and making a mark should be the next step. Next, one should draw two lines from the center mark on the fold to each and every mark on the unfolded side and fold along each line. The process is not always comfortable for starters, but designing a paper snowflake gets comfortable after seeing one person create one and the rest will for sure become easier, especially when you avoid all the measuring that is involved.

Given you already have the piece of paper folded, you should cut away some pieces along the outside using a sharp scissor. However, when you want to get more detail, using a craft knife to cut out anywhere in the center of the folded paper should come in handy. Drawing out a particular pattern before you can start cutting is always advised and when you are finished cutting, unfold the paper design carefully and flatten it. Great projects can be born from this single snowflake design and pattern if done right.

Another fantastic tip one must consider is using a stencil. Making a stencil involves placing the entire cutout on a full sheet of paper of your choice. If you want a permanent stencil that you may prefer to use on multiple occasions, you should use a stencil film. The last step of the process should be tracing around all the edges and cutting out using a craft knife since a scissor may not be convenient for this kind of task.

Making extra copies of your snowflake designs and preserving your original designs for more projects is not only allowed, but also encouraged. One should consider to re-size their snowflake designs to fit any other project you may have in mind in the future by either reducing or increasing the snowflake design sizes using a copy machine.

You should also not make all your cuts when the paper is completely folded. Have some extra fun by partially unfolding your snowflakes and making a few further reductions. Also, one can use some of the symmetrical properties of any of their fold to create a bit more recognizable shapes such as hearts, letters, numbers and even faces, which of course must be symmetrical to make the designs catchy to the eye.

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