Making 3D Snowflakes

It always very interesting making 3D paper snowflakes since they are miracles of beauty. If you hang these three-dimensional paper snowflakes they will look amazing and beautiful. They are not only fun for adults and kids but are also easy to make. Although some people prefer having them during Christmas, you may use them anytime.

Collect the materials -Collect 6 pieces of paper, preferably white, a scissor, a stapler and a clear tape. Fold each paper into half then diagonally. However, if the piece of paper does not fold well into a triangle, trim out the rectangular edge to make it align well and come up with a square that is folded to make a triangle. While marking the bottom, fold it into half, cut the bottom and then keep it.

Cut three slits on the triangle- Put the scissors at the bottom of the piece while ensuring that it is parallel to the edges moving up to the top then cut it all the way up. Ensure that the distance between the folds is the same and then unfold the triangle by turning to make sure that one of the points is facing you. While keeping your diamond paper’s side up, roll the first two paper lines to make a tube then tape the pieces together.

Turn the diamond to the other side- Turn the diamond while taking the other two papers and pulling them to the opposite side and then tape them together as you did before. This should be more rounded and wider as compared to the first one. Turn and join the paper on the opposite side until all of them have joined together. Repeat the same process with the remaining pieces of paper so that they can come out well.

Join the remaining pieces- Using one hand, join the completed pieces of paper and staple them together. Ensure that you also join the other two pieces of paper in the same manner. This will give you pieces made up of three strands each. However, if you need smaller snowflakes, you may use a white glue or a tape instead of a stapler. Now, join the new pieces of paper at the middle so that each of their arms meets. This will ensure that the new 3D paper snowflakes are made into shape. You can then hang them on the walls or windows or use them the way you like as long as they are admirable.

Remember, making 3D paper snowflakes is not as hard as you might think. You can use as many pieces of paper as you like as long as they fit well. However, always ensure that you choose even numbers such as 6,8,10. Besides, to create an attractive look, you can mix and match different colors but stick to the same type to avoid lopsided snowflakes. Although the paper has to be a square, it is easy to turn a rectangular piece of paper into a square. Above all, to preserve the 3D snowflake use a finish that has UV protection.

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